Glittery Holiday Acrylic Refrigerator Magnets

By Kira Enari

The glitter background on this magnet is bright and eye-catching from a distance--perfect for special holidays. Stamp out multiple holiday images on acrylic squares and use different colors of glitter for variety. Attach a magnet to the outside of a gift with repositional double-stick tape.


Gather the supplies listed above for this project. Use a permanent, solvent-based craft ink with a solvent ink cleaner. Do not select a stamp with words, as this project stamps on the opposite side of the finished product, so any words would end up backwards. Acrylic craft squares may be purchased at a craft supply or rubber stamp store. The double-sided super sticky tape is sometimes called redline tape or tacky tape. Adhesive magnet strip can be purchased in rolls at a discount store and is easily cut with scissors or a craft knife.

Lay down some scrap paper to protect the work surface. Using a permanent craft ink, stamp the image on the acrylic square (if you have never used the stamp before, try it out on a piece of scrap paper first). Immediately clean the stamp. Tap the cleaner on the rubber stamp and blot on a paper towel. Repeat until no color blots onto the paper towel. Scrub the rubber stamp on a clean, dry paint pad to remove any residue.

Color in the stamped image with acrylic paints or use permanent ink pens. Allow to dry or heat set.

When the stamped image is dry, pat the clear embossing inkpad on the side with the stamped image. When it is thoroughly coated, sprinkle on the glitter embossing powder. Tap off excess and return to embossing powder container. Heat set the embossing powder with the heat gun.

After the embossing powder has cooled, apply the tacky tape to the edge of the acrylic square, keeping the edge centered on the tape. Cut the tape so that it wraps all the way around the square. Carefully fold edges over while removing the protective backing. Lay the card stock on the cutting mat. Place acrylic square stamped-side down on the card stock. Holding the acrylic square steady with one hand, trim the card stock with the craft knife. Cover the remaining exposed tape with glitter or tiny glass beads, pressing firmly. Heat set the glitter into the tape with the heat gun. Lastly, cut a piece of adhesive magnet strip, remove the protective backing and stick to the back of the magnet.

Kira Enari is a craft enthusiast.

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