Just about everyone has magnets on their refrigerators to hold shopping lists, reminders, or just for decoration. Many people have holiday magnets that they only display for special ocassions. Making refrigerator magnets is a great way to personalize these useful and decorative items--by adding a unique personal touch and making them specifically for friends and family.

Quick Refrigerator Magnets

Quick Refrigerator Magnets at Creative Geek

These little refrigerator magnets go together quickly and make charming gifts for the holidays. Present them in a decorated tin for the perfect packaging. Try different stamps for different occasions, mini drawings of your own, or even specialty paper.

Glittery Holiday Acrylic Refrigerator Magnets

The glitter background on this magnet is bright and eye-catching from a distance--a perfect for special holidays. Stamp out multiple holiday images on acrylic squares and use different colors of glitter for variety. Attach a magnet to the outside of a gift with repositional double-stick tape.